Lego Flower Style Garden in Red, Blue and Yellow.

This is an original hand printed screenprint, inspired by Piet Mondrian's famous abstract composition originally titled 'Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow' dated 1929.  


This new interpretation titled 'Lego Flower Style Garden in Red, Blue and Yellow', reflects an order and spiritual simplicity - echoing the De Stijl artist's ambition for a universal harmony and style.


The symbolic and playful use of the iconic lego flower pieces reflect a utopian context of building and creating a LegoLand 'life' piece by piece.  The lego flowers represent the metaphorical perfection inherently found in nature.  A window is made through interpreting this famous composition by Mondrian - giving a view out, into a garden.  This playful vision reveals an otherwordly utopian planet and a metaphor of finding Life on other planets.


Mondrian was part of a circle of Dutch artist's known as the De Stijl movement, who embraced an abstract style of art which was largely in response to the horrors of World War I and also a reaction to the decorative Art Deco movement.  They saw the potential for a utopian and transformative vision through the arts and a visual language was explored by using straight lines, squares, rectangles and primary colours.  In Dutch, De Stij, means 'Style'.

Lego Flower Style Garden in Red, Blue and Yellow.

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  • Paper size 30 cm H x 28 cm W

    Image size 30 cm H x 28 cm W