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ARTEMIS - STAGE 1 150 dpi for web (studio wall view).tif

Artemis Stage 1, 2020, silkscreen painting on canvas 




Libby Lloyd explores dream like visions - inspired by surrealism - she enjoys playing the directors part in imagining the fantastical and alternative realities.

The new Space Race has focussed her attention towards metaphorical allegories.  Where the transcendental meets the anthropological.  


Richard Hamilton, Eduardo Paolozzi and Robert Rauschenberg are currently key influential artists' of reference. 

She is a Printmaker who works outside the frame of traditional printing practices.  Libby makes Silkscreen Paintings on canvas, 3d Cardboard Assemblages, Archival Digital Pigment Prints on paper and short Digital Animations.  The choice in the medium is very considered and extend the ideas behind the work. 

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