I am currently a doctorate associate at Aberystwyth University in Wales, researching the art of human architecture through printmaking. I am creating and defining ‘spaces’ – my recent body of work is based on ‘outer space’.

The Human Archaeology series reveals an ambiguous effect of volume and space. These highly coloured, oversized geological shapes have a anthropological rhythm and structure to look over, into and through. The process of making and the materials used in this series of work offer a very human angle of existence and materiality. The 3-dimensional illusions of the geological pieces give rise to the human sentiment "to have and to hold."

The 'Radar' series is based on the highly tuned means of perception by which the brain generates electromagnetic waves, tuning into experiential levels of attraction. The abstracted patterns relate to the lightning reaction between two people, emulating a human pulse. The disc-like portals are an abstract notion of human encounters.

The figurative body of work titled 'Centrepiece' is a re-imagination of 'Angelica' by Ingres, a mythological vision and reflection on our human capacity for love. The series of four evokes a new poetic overlay and quest for true love. The figurative narratives are not unlike clips in a screenplay, centred on the complexities inherent in human relationships. The fuse of iconic historical and contemporary allegories is spirited with pure colour.