Elizabeth has a long-standing interest in capturing the visceral human spirit within her work. Her early research into the history of colour theory and relevant artists’ influenced by the use of colour as a formal medium led to the making of her early large abstract colour planes, influenced by Abstraction, Op, Pop and Science, revealing enigmatic fields of colour space.


These visual enquiries of pure colour developed into the making of a unique mechanised colour aesthetic inspired by the machine and science behind how we see colour.  This keen aesthetic interest in mechanical means of representation has been an ongoing enquiry within her work to date, photo-silkscreen painting and the photo-mechanical filters of digital technology in turn has become the pivotal processes of making visible, revealing the fusion between the human and the machine and the feeling of the world at large. Elizabeth makes Silkscreen Paintings on canvas, cardboard and Silkscreen prints in small editions on paper.


Elizabeth’s work shifts between abstraction and representation – her desire to explore Art historical references has led her to appropriate moral allegories. This change from abstraction to pictorial representation within the picture plane was inspired by her own life and the moral observations of living - creating human parallels between past and present realms.  Her desire to re-visit the past and rearrange the pieces of time and space into a new romantic notion of wonder and magic, marking a new watch of time. 


Her more recent enquiry into the human exploration of outer space has extended her notion of the enigmatic and presented another opportunity for a conceptual order of logical time and space, marking time, making a dent in the here and now.


“Reimagining the fusion of past and present enables a reflection and reinvention of ‘worlds.’ The unfathomable becoming a more realisable illusion.  These poetic visions reveal a myriad of information - a transmission – a message of time and existence.”


Elizabeth practices at Spike Print Studios in Bristol and she is currently studying a PhD in Fine Art at the University of Aberystwyth, Wales.

She is an Elected Associate Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (RE) London.


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Contact: libbylloyd@icloud.com

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