Libby Lloyd



Original Archival Print - On Canvas

83 cm H x 82 cm W 

Edition of 10 plus 1 artist's proof


The ATOMIC SUNFLOWER series reveals organic atom like dots and in essence symbolise The Seeds of Life.  The Atomic Sunflowers originate from the large installation - SPACE STATION - a welcoming surreal vision of a future moon base consisting of illuminated sunflower modules for human habitation. The satellite transmission like images of the sunflowers reveal a surreal like vision and map of the planetary surface of the moon - an otherwordly vision - reflected like a mirror and communicated back to Planet Earth.   The large visible dots also provide a scale that can be counted - creating a visual language of information - making reference to the universe being reliably understood using mathematics and the way science is leading our understanding of how the universe began and evolved through time and space. 

The arrangment of seeds in a sunflower as well as the number of petals can be understood using Fibonaccci numbers. The Fibonacci sequence is one of the most famous formulas of mathematics.

The sunflowers, have also been exhibited in a pair titled - Lunar Renezvous, Sunflower Modules.

ATOMIC SUNFLOWER - FIRE is a metaphorical reference to the huge celestial bodies of STARS, which are mainly made up of hydrogen and helium that make light and heat - and are basically balls of fire. 


  • This is an original print on canvas, stretched and framed.  The lead time is 10 days from purchasing this work of art. A simple wooden tray frame around the stretched canvas can be selected in white, black or natural wood - this tray frame will include a classic shadow gap between the stretched canvas and the front beaded edge of the tray frame. The front wooden edge/bead will be 8 mm in width and the depth of the frame will be 4 cm.  There will also be a framing string to hang the canvas.