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Libby Lloyd

MOON TUZI 01:01, 2020


Original Archival Print

A0 - 118.9 cm H x 84.1 cm W

Edition of 10 plus 3 artist's proofs


MOON TUZI 01:01 is an architectural section of a surreal house on the moon - a mythological homage to the ancient Chinese story of the goddess of the Moon, Chang-e and her rabbit companion.  The 3 storey illustrated house named Moon Tuzi is a visual translation of the rabbit constantly pounding the elixir of life for Chang-e.  The image of the moon within this composition is of the darkside - echoeing new mysteries of the moon to be discovered.  The ancient story of the rabbit and the princess chang-e was spoken about during the Apollo mission in 1969 between mission control in Houston and Michael Collins, the astronaut who remained in the lunar orbiter while Neil Armstrong and Buzz  Aldrin explored the moon's surface.  Micheal Collins: OK, We'll keep a close eye out for the bunny girl.   

The mirrored numbers of the house 01:01 refers to the angel number.  Zero can be a symbol of truth, love, purity and also infinity.  The number 1 is associated with a strong personality, determination and intellectual strength. The numerical value of 01+01 equals 2 is a symbol of loves union. 


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