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Colour Design in Architecture

Art and Colour augment to create Colour Design in Architecture

Libby Lloyd was introduced to the internationally acclaimed architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios in 2004.  Richard Feilden invited her to give a talk on Colour Theory to the practice.  He expressed an enthusiasm and vision for the potential use and power of colour within architectural spaces.  Libby has worked on a number of projects since then with FCB Studios, directing innovative colour design schemes for new and existing buildings.  The Hive Worcester was the largest colour design scheme for a new build she has worked on, winning a RIBA Award in 2013.

The analogy between colour as a formal medium within her art practice and the extensive research of colour theory embellishes the approach to the colour design.
Colour design in architecture is a powerful tool with the ability to transform 3Dimensional spaces.  Our visual perceptions of colour, light and shadow become instruments for sculpting space. Intuition, knowledge and context all inform the colour aesthetic of each unique colour design.  These, often large, colour planes create a powerful dynamic and energy.  A synergy is formed between colour and architectural space, creating resonance and inspiration on a grand scale.

Colour Design Projects with FCBStudios

  • The Hive Worcester RIBA National Award 2013

  • National Trust Head Quarters Swindon



Colour Design 
and Architecture
by Libby Lloyd 
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